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Patrick Edward Liongga - Belajar Mandiri dan Tanggung Jawab Melalui Pengalaman Magang

  • 22 January, 2024

Pada acara KAMPUS kali ini, kita pun akan mendengarkan kisah dari Patrick Edward Liongga yang saat ini tengah menjalani program 3+4 di Wan-Neng Senior & Commercial Vocational School (嘉義縣私立萬能高級工商職業學校), Chiayi. Seperti apa ceritanya? Langsung didengarkan saja nyook~~


📢 Join the“3+4 Vocational Education Program”, grant yourself a chance for change and sail toward your dreams.

There will be a total of #68 departments from 29 schools open to applications in the widely established variety of departments are closely related to the #Taiwanese industries’ demands, such as that in the manufacturing, construction, institutional care-giving (long term care), agricultural, e-commerce,and service industry sectors. Accepted applications are expected to be announced by the end of May 2024, and students are expected to report to school in July 2024.

1️⃣ Direct #admission from a technical high school to a technological university, providing a comprehensive 7-year training program leading to the attainment of a professional bachelor's degree upon graduation.
2️⃣ Outstanding students will be awarded a prestigious #scholarship of NT 150,000.
3️⃣ Rotation of #internship every 3 months to guarantee an internship allowance.

✅Eligibility: Overseas students must have completed qualifications equivalent to that of having graduated from compatriot junior high schools or its equivalent schools in their residing countries, and must also be at least 16 years old (including) and no older than 22 years old before December 31st of the application year (meaning their birth dates must be of dates between January 1st, 2002 to December 31, 2008).

✅Application period: starting in January 15, 2024 and ending on March 15, 2024.
Applications shall be submitted to the TECO or recommendation units designated by the #OCAC.

🔍For more information,welcome to the admissions section on the official website of the OCAC👉

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